The economy of Malawi is at a crossroads. No one seems to have an answer to the current economic turmoil that has shaken every sector of the economy. The majority of the population is only speculating about possible investment solutions not knowing that mere talk leads only to poverty but all hard work brings profit. The problem is that people have not realized the power of a business idea and therefore seize the potential that it has. The founders of the investment ideas therefore need a tool to enable them think through their investment ideas systematically and ensure that decisions are taken.


01. Business Plan Development
  1. Business Concept: This is a document presenting your business idea in a clear and concise manner. Every successful business originated from a convincing business idea. GDC will help you craft your business idea lengthening its shelf life but also ensuring that the idea grows with time as you get motivated by reading the business concept. The business concept will eventually be developed into a business plan.
  3. Business Plans: Without plans to reach your goals, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination “Fitzhugh Dodson”. As a tool to enable you think and plan your ideas systematically, GDC helps you create a business plan. Business plans not only ensure that you take decisions but also reveal the gap that you have in knowledge. In the long run, the business plan will ensure that resources necessary for the business are acquired while also serving as a communication tool between you and your partners. As a living document, the business plan can be shared with experienced market researchers, lawyers, accountants, and technical experts who will prove your idea’s potential, provide insight for more possible customers and helpful business networks and most importantly motivate you. The business plan can also help you acquire capital from investors and donors. In the process of business plan writing, GDC spends time with you to understand your business so that you own the plan and the ideas.
  1. Business Profiles: You can think of a business profile as a company resume that provides basic details of your company and states why clients should work with you. Using info graphics, GDC develops business profiles that visually present information about your company in a quick and clear manner.
02. Profitability Analysis

Profitability analysis is an analysis of the potential that your organisation’s output has to make profits. GDC helps you identify which customers are profitable inclusive which businesses or income generating activities are fit for you.

03. Professional Business Advice

We specialise in supporting start-up businesses to move their business from concept to reality. We also offer mentoring and coaching to help a business through a period of change. To ensure that that we support a wide audience, GDC designs and delivers training seminars.

04. Business Strategy

Business strategies help your business align operations with your cooperate strategy and stimulate accomplishment of your business objectives. We streamline your operations in line with a clear-cut corporate strategy for steady and sustainable growth.

05. Marketing and Branding

When a firm does extensive marketing and branding, its revenues and market shares increase. At GDC we help create branding that is premium, consistent and reflects your values and mission. We also produce marketing materials that well present your products and services. We produce promotional materials which include posters, info graphics, flyers, leaflets and publication materials such as annual report and newsletters. To better manage your business operations, GDC outsources services in website development, logo and corporate identity (business cards, letter heads, email signatures) designs.

06. Venture Capital

Growth Development Consultancy offers seed funding for start-upts in their early stage development enabling them grow to a stage where we can link them to later stage investors or provide them with the needed capital. Most importantly, GDC works with stat-ups to refine their ideas positioning the start-up for the market and preparing them to meet investors.