Each year, many young people graduate and embark on a journey looking for employment. However, current education and training has proved inadequate in supporting young people in the transition process from school to work due to the mismatch of skills between the labour supply and demand. The gap has major implications in businesses, institutions and governments undermining economic development and social stability. To address this gap, Growth Development Consultancy, offers services improving the employability skills of young people, expand specialized technical skills, and support youth manage their careers. GDC also creates employment opportunities for young people.


01. Employability Tool Kit
  1. At GDC, we provide services and design practical tools that help learners develop skills necessary to enter, stay in and progress in the world of work. In this line we help job seekers conduct analysis of vacancy announcements enabling them be aware of what employers are looking for and get their dream job. We also provide services in writing professional resumes and cover letters to make your career profile perfect. According to Desmond (1977) “it is impossible to wear clothes without transmitting social signals.” An interviewer’s first impression is often a lasting one, so the way you present yourself during an interview is important. At GDC, we help you identify the do’s and don’ts when it comes to dressing for an interview. We also provide interview support by improving your confidence during interviews and improving your presentation and communications skills.


02. Expanding Specialised Technical Skills

To facilitate business and organisation growth, GDC offers training seminars designed to equip graduates in specialised skills. Trainings offered are in Microsoft office packages, project life cycle, monitoring and evaluation as a system, electronic data collection tools and others as per demand.



03. Career Coaching

hrough one on one sessions and motivational talks, GDC helps you identify what you want to do after graduation. GDC provides a platform were successful people in business, politics, governance, academia etc., can inspire, educate and motivate young people by telling their success stories.