The speciality of Monitoring & Evaluation is an ever-growing service sector in the developing world including Malawi. This is mainly due to funds influx from donors leading to the implementation of many projects. All the projects have M&E within their life cycle. However, lack of visible impact emanating from the projects led donors requiring strict transparency and accountability for their money. The problem is that they are few service providers in monitoring and evaluation. Data analysis is also a speciality whose demand is going to increase progressively. The demand for M&E services will therefore grow exponentially required service providers.

01. Monitoring and Evaluation

GDC bridges the gap by offering services in Monitoring and Evaluation. In M&E, GDC provides services ranging from establishing and strengthening M&E systems for organisations and training in M&E systems, monitoring support, data visualisation, electronic data collection and conducing baselines and evaluations for projects.

02. Establishing and strengthening M&E systems for organisations

Monitoring and Evaluation is a critical component in a projects life cycle. It ensures that knowledge and information is learned along the way and that it is put to use. GDC specialises in developing M&E systems that produce trustworthy, timely, and relevant information on the performance of government, civil society, or private sector projects and programs. In turn an organisation can use the information to improve results. GDC also offers capacity building sessions designed to equip implementers in the functionality of the M&E system.

03. Monitoring support

GDC offers consulting services in monitoring interventions of your organisation. In this respect, GDC conducts data quality audits and assessments, monitors project performance and tracks project indicators and plans to ensure achievement of project goals.

04. Data visualization

It’s hard to think of a professional industry or organisation that doesn’t benefit from making data more understandable. GDC designs databases and dashboard reporting systems to visualize and store data. GDC also has vast experience in developing Management Information Systems (MIS) through research conducted in partnership with MasterWare Corporation. Over a period of two years, GDC partnered with MasterWare who are experts in developing systems to develop a workable M&E systems. Databases and MISs help your organisation manage knowledge you have generated.

05. Electronic data collection for surveys and research

The world is in the midst of an electronic communications revolution. The process has provided a catalysis for organisations to reduce products and processes. GDC has wide experience in conducting electronic surveys. We work with non-governmental organisations, businesses, university research centres and students helping them ease processes in data collection. Our services in data collection makes data collection and analysis faster and quick, reduces data gathering costs and make the data collection process flexible and interactive.

06. Conducting project baseline surveys and evaluations

At GDC, we understand that donors and implementers need evidence to make informed decisions about development programmes. Drawing on our extensive experience, we apply our knowledge in research to design effective tools to establish the benchmark for indicators before implementation of projects and assess the impact of a programme and project after it phases out. We strive to answer the question about what works and what doesn’t work in programming and recommend on what can be done to achieve project goals. In general we want to ensure value for money of implemented interventions and that efforts of implementers produce good and desirable results.